Monday, May 2, 2016

May Launch Schedule:

 May 14-15: Crap Shoot joint launch with JMRC, MMAR and SMASH at the Muskegon waste water treatment facility. Please see the MMAR website for location and details.

May 28: Regular monthly launch at MIS.

Spring Fling 2016 Contest Results:


A big "Thank you" to  everyone that came out last weekend to participate in Spring Fling 2016. We had 11 competitors including 1 A division and 1 team. Three sections were represented, JMRC, HUVARS, and SMASH. The weather was nearly perfect and we had a lot of great flights.

Here is a list of the event and meet champions along with the prizes they won provided by the JMRC.

B Helicopter Duration - Bob Alway (Estes Dark Silver)

B Boost Glider Duration - Buzz Nau (Estes Sky Dart)

E Egg Loft Altitude - Royal Rocketeer Team (Estes QCC Explorer)

Giant Sport Scale - Mark Chrumka (Estes Honest John)

Meet Runner Up - Michael Rangitsch 1005 points (Estes SLV)

Meet Champion - Bob Alway 1107 points (Estes Little Joe II)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Our next launch will be April 23rd at Horning #2

This will be concurrent with the NAR regional "Spring Fling" contest so some special considerations need to be made.
If you plan on entering the contest, you should still bring out your own launch equipment. That way we can set up a separate range for contest flyers
Also, the contest will run on both the 23rd and 24th but the JMRC trailer and launch equipment will only be there on the 23rd.
See you then!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Launch Cancelled!

Ok, we give up...

Sorry for the short notice but Mother Nature is kicking us down.

With the forecast calling for multiple inches of snow and high winds we are going to have to cancel the launch for tomorrow, April 9th.

We will let you all know ASAP about a make-up date.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Launch this Saturday at MIS! 

After some discussion we decided to go ahead and have our launch this Saturday, April 9th, at MIS.

We see that the temps may be on the cool side (ok dang cold) but if we try to change the date it always seems to cause as many problems as it fixes.


Launch this Saturday at MIS!

Remember the gate at the launch field (Graves Campground) will be closed due to new MIS rules. You must enter at the main entrance 0.5 miles west of Graves. Stop at the guard shack, sign the form and they will give you directions to get into the launch site.

Dress warm!

The trailer is always heated so you won't freeze.

And Pinky will be there running the JMRC cafe.  Thanks Pinky!

Friday, March 18, 2016

New Entrance Procedure at MIS!



MIS has a new security group in place and with that they have asked us to enter Graves Campground through a different location off US 12.

We will no longer be able to enter the Graves Campground site directly. Please enter into the main MIS parking lot ~1/2 mile west of our normal entrance.

 Follow the signs for "Check In". Be Sure to stop at the guard shack and sign the MIS Waiver Form. Once you're through the gate you'll proceed forward 100 to 200 feet. Turn to the right. The road will take you to the Tram # 9 station. From there you will see the tunnel that goes "under" US-12, follow that to the Graves Launch Site. 

At the end of the day, you may leave the way that you entered.
Drive back to the MIS Security building.
You'll see a Yellow grid painted on the asphalt. Drive up to that point & the gate will open so that you can leave for the day.

It was repeated to us multiple times that this new procedure has nothing to do with our group, MIS has not had an issue with the JMRC and they do not foresee an issue since we leave the grounds in better shape than we found it... so huge thanks to everyone that has helped in that regard! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 19th launch moved to MIS


Too much rain! So we will have to move the launch to MIS. Bring rockets! Have fun!

2016 Launch Dates.


Here are the launch dates and locations for the rest of 2016:

March 19       at MIS
April 9           at Horning #2
April 23-24    NAR Spring Fling at Horning #2
May 14-15     Crap Shoot launch, Muskegon
May 28           at MIS or Horning #2
June  18          at MIS
July 9              at MIS
August 6         at MIS
September       TBD
October  8       at MIS or Horning #2
November 12  at MIS or Horning #2

NAR Spring Fling Regional Contest

April 23-24, 2016 at Horning #2

  NAR Regional contest. Bring your own equipment. Port-a-john located on the field. Nearest restaurants are 5+ miles away. Sport flying encouraged. 3,000′ waiver. $5.00 contest fee.


B Boost Glider Duration
B Helicopter Duration
E Eggloft Altitude - with altimeter
Giant Sport Scale

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Next launch March 19th.

Our next launch and the first of 2016 is planned for March 19th at Horning #2. If the Horning field is not available we will move to the Michigan International Speedway.

Set up at 8:30am. The launch will be from 10:00am -5:00pm. Flights up to about 3000' are fine.