Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Maintenance day September 10th

    Considering we don't as yet have a launch date for September (MIS is all booked up and Horning may or may not be available) we will have a maintenance day for the launch equipment on September 10th. So we need volunteers to come out to Roger's house to get things cleaned up and repaired. The JMRC mobile launch trailer needs work (new lights, roof sealed), equipment cleaned, new alligator clips soldered on and the big launch tower needs new springs. Probably do a little power washing as well.
    Lunch will be provided by the JMRC!
    We have flown A TON of rockets this year and it is important that we keep up with maintenance so we don't have problems at the field.
    So if you like to fly, please come on out and spend some time fixing things up. Many hands make light work and you get to hang out with all your rocket friends!
When:  Saturday September 10th, 10:00am - 5:00
Where: Roger Sadowsky's house, 4788 Moon Lake Rd. Jackson