Monday, April 20, 2015

Launch dates set for 2015!


Date:              Location:

May 30                            MIS
June 13-14                     Joint launch with MMAR/SMASH at the Muskegon Waste Water 
                                        Treatment Facility
June 20                            MIS
July 11                             MIS 
August 8                          MIS
September 12                 MIS or Horning's
October 10                      MIS or Horning's
November 14                   MIS or Horning's
December 12                   MIS or Horning's

Please review the "Launch Fields" link above for directions and details. 
The Joint launch with JMRC/MMAR/SMASH will be held at the Muskegon Waste Water Treatment Facility in Muskegon. Please see the MMAR website for details on location and altitude limits.