Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March launch cancelled!

Due to weather and field conditions we will have to cancel the launch for March. We will try again for April 8th at either MIS or Horning #2.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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New Contest!

JMRC will be hosting another Iron-man contest similar to the
 wildly successful 1/2A Iron-man held last summer. Steve
 Kristal and I will be co-contest directors. Steve is
 providing the motors and some of the prizes. I will also be
 providing some prizes. This contest will be flown at the
 July 2017 JMRC monthly launch.


 The Vehicle
 ONE rocket that is 2-staged and capable of flying a NAR
 approved altimeter shall be used for ALL flights

 The Propulsion
 Booster: 13mm Estes Diamond pak A10-0
 Sustainer: 13mm Centuri 1/2A4-5M

 The Events
 Spot Landing - Distance measured from the tip of the nose
 cone to the spot. The nose cone must be attached to the rest
 of the upper stage. The booster is not measured and is the
 only allowable part to separate.

 Streamer Duration - Time measured from lift-off until the
 upper stage lands or the timers lose sight. The only
 allowable part to separate is the booster. Otherwise
 standard streamer rules apply.

 Altimeter Altitude - Height as measured by a NAR approved
 altimeter. The only allowable part to separate is the
 booster. Note – there are no certified altimeters that fit
 in a 13mm tube.

 All three flights must be made by the same model (hence the
 name IRON-MAN) in the same configuration. Whatever
 provisions made for the altimeter must be a part of the
 rocket for all flights. The altimeter ONLY needs to be flown
 in the altitude event.

 Since these paks contain 4 motors we are allowing
 contestants to make a second flight for Streamer Duration OR
 Altimeter Altitude. Not Spot Landing

 We are also adding a 4th event, Fan Favorite as an incentive
 to make you entry look nice and or interesting.

 Shoot me any questions you may have.


Next launch March 18th

It's been rainy..

So we will move our launch to March 18th at Horning #2 and hope things dry out by then. 

New Groupme App

During our annual meeting last January, we discussed the need to bring clear, accurate, and timely communication to the membership regarding the scheduling and details of upcoming events. We have, and will continue to utilize the JMRC email list, however, it is not necessarily timely and important information can get difficult to find in embedded messages.

The BOD has successfully tested a new communication channel that provides quick communication in a group chat with client support on Apple IOS and Android devices as well as a web portal. You can even use SMS texting. The product is called groupme which was recently purchased by Skype and is free for use. If you have used Skype then groupme will be familiar to you. For more information please check out their website,

Below is the invitation link to the JMRC Notification chat in groupme. The BOD will use this chat to send event/launch information and important changes and updates. Members should restrict their comments in the notification chat to events and launches. General discussion should remain on the Yahoo email list. When you click on the invitation you will be asked to login or create an account. Once you created an account you can set your preferences and will be entered into the chat. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please reply to this email.

We hope you find this useful.