Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 11th Flying request

For the upcoming launch in Manchester, MI we are requesting that everyone adhere to the JMRC tradition of leaving our launch field cleaner then we find it... as everyone always does! I have personally witnessed this happen countless times in the past and want to encourage everyone to continue with this habit. Trash cans will be onsite for everyone to use.

We will also be utilizing a very strict RSO table, this is because we are new to this field and want to learn all of the hazards associated with this field. (i.e. surrounding crops in neighboring fields, parking location, etc.) Now we are still encouraging people to come and fly, so depending on wind/cloud conditions we are encouraging people to fly to 1,500' with apogee deployment and even higher if you are utilizing dual deployment. We will have full hybrid support and roughly 35lbs of N2O... all that Haga left me after the last MKG launch :-) 

Depending on how the day goes we will loosen up or tighten our requirements, so please keep in mind we are keeping the field and the land owner in mind before signing off on each flight. We hope to see everyone out on the field for yet another fun event... and perhaps a rocket or two will fly!


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