Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NAR Contest Launch Results!

Here are the results of the NAR contest launch held on September 27.

From Buzz Nau:

I want to thank everyone who turned out for JMRC's first NAR contest whether you flew competition or put in some sport fights. It was laid back, great weather, and wonderful friends. We had 9 contest entries which is around what I was expecting. We made enough money in fees to get port a john cleaned. Bonus!

I also want to thank Jay Calvert of Impulse Buys for showing up with motors and also adding to the competition and my sister-in-law Carol for handling a lot of the data collection for most of the day.

Highlights - Tony Haga did really well for his first contest. Despite some motor ejection problems which left him out of placing in D alt his altitudes were very close to Art's first place mark of 462 meters. Second place was Michael Rangitsch of Saginaw with 424 meters. Third place was Buzz with 385 meters followed by Al de la Inglesia with 377 meters. Mark Chrumka had a flight to 149 meters for flight points.

There were only two entries in D BG. Buzz flew an old competition pop-pod D glider, but the ejection charge was a little too much separating parts on the pod. The glider's turn was a bit too tight as well. His second flight was a hitchhiker glider on a MRC IronMan for 34 seconds. Mike tried an Edmonds glider with a D10, but it unfortunately met the speed of balsa and tore itself apart.

Tony did better in D streamer. His first flight was 56 seconds, good for 3rd place, but he spit the motor on his 2nd flight. Art took first with a single flight of 122 seconds. Al took second with 97 seconds and Buzz placed fourth with 54 seconds. Fred Ziegler and Mark also made qualified flights.

Tony really shined in Open Spot Landing setting his Big Bertha just 7 meters from the mark. Mike challenged him though with a flight landing just 13 meters from the spot. Al managed third landing 20 meters off followed by Art at 28. Qualified flights were alsoflwon by Jay, John Potts, and Buzz.

The Random Duration time of 112 seconds was determined by slapping the change from Tony's pocket on the table and counting all the coins that landed heads. Buzz flew an original Centuri Starfire on a C6-7 which took first place with an error of 3.9%. Mike Was very close behind with a 4.5% error. Tony was third at 14.6% followed by Art with an error of 39%. Other qualified flights were flown by Al, Fred, and Jay.

We also had a classic kit contest just for fun and not at all adhering to the NAR rules for the event. Through a show of hands, Mark won the event with his Centuri Draconian Marauder. Other entries included Tony's Interceptor E, Fred's Ram Jet, Buzz's Star Fire, and Art's Nike X.

We had no A, B, or teams division entries. All nine fliers were C division.

Below are the results total results. I will post a flight sheet showing all the events and places this week after I get it entered into Contest Manager. Buzz barely edged out Art mostly due to being the only one to collect points in the D boost glider event.

Again, I can't thank everyone that attended enough for showing up, trying something new if it was your first time, but mainly having fun with a bunch of great folks. Lets do it again in the Spring!

Place Name Points
1 Buzz Nau 576
2 Art Upton 536
3 Mike Rangitsch 346
4 Tony Haga 248
5 Al de la Iglesia 236
6 Mark Chrumka 56
7 Fred Ziegler 42
8 Jay Calvert 30
9 John Potts 8

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