Friday, March 18, 2016

New Entrance Procedure at MIS!



MIS has a new security group in place and with that they have asked us to enter Graves Campground through a different location off US 12.

We will no longer be able to enter the Graves Campground site directly. Please enter into the main MIS parking lot ~1/2 mile west of our normal entrance.

 Follow the signs for "Check In". Be Sure to stop at the guard shack and sign the MIS Waiver Form. Once you're through the gate you'll proceed forward 100 to 200 feet. Turn to the right. The road will take you to the Tram # 9 station. From there you will see the tunnel that goes "under" US-12, follow that to the Graves Launch Site. 

At the end of the day, you may leave the way that you entered.
Drive back to the MIS Security building.
You'll see a Yellow grid painted on the asphalt. Drive up to that point & the gate will open so that you can leave for the day.

It was repeated to us multiple times that this new procedure has nothing to do with our group, MIS has not had an issue with the JMRC and they do not foresee an issue since we leave the grounds in better shape than we found it... so huge thanks to everyone that has helped in that regard! 

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