Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Fling 2016 Contest Results:


A big "Thank you" to  everyone that came out last weekend to participate in Spring Fling 2016. We had 11 competitors including 1 A division and 1 team. Three sections were represented, JMRC, HUVARS, and SMASH. The weather was nearly perfect and we had a lot of great flights.

Here is a list of the event and meet champions along with the prizes they won provided by the JMRC.

B Helicopter Duration - Bob Alway (Estes Dark Silver)

B Boost Glider Duration - Buzz Nau (Estes Sky Dart)

E Egg Loft Altitude - Royal Rocketeer Team (Estes QCC Explorer)

Giant Sport Scale - Mark Chrumka (Estes Honest John)

Meet Runner Up - Michael Rangitsch 1005 points (Estes SLV)

Meet Champion - Bob Alway 1107 points (Estes Little Joe II)

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